Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 great ideas to use long paper scraps

לקוראים בעברית
ניתן למצוא את הסדנא הבאה בעברית
בבלוג הישן שלי בתפוז

Do you know all those long and narrow leftovers?

Does your leftover bin full of those strips?

Do not throw those scraps away! you can use them for the other projects

look at all those cool ideas:


In this lo I use those strips as borders and I arranged them as a matting for my photo.


you can use strips to make mini cards

I glued them as a background for my focal point


you can make your oun designed paper and then cut it to shapes.

look at the heart that I cut from my "designed" paper.

you can find the directions for this bow flower in dawn site.

5.here a very easy flower you can make in a minute

cut some strups and pierce a hole in the middle of each strip.

add a paper flower or paper circle and a brad and you've got it.


In this card I used some strips to write a message.

you can use them to write your jurnaling in album pages.


I made this flower by pleating a paper strip ' glue it and add a button in the middle


here's another example for a similar flower.


I cut a paper strip to make a grass and the stems

and finely: in this card I Weave Paper strips to make my own embellishment.

thats all for today
Im sure you can find more ideas to use those scraps
I would love to read your ideas in the comments


Swedie said...

Thank you! Some great ideas for using paper scraps.


jjindp said...

love the flowers, thanks for sharing.